Monday, April 04, 2011

Al-Jazeera will be stopped!

You know the islamic front can criticize Wafa Sutan, Gert Wilder, Robert Spencer, Pamela Geller, us bloggers against the islamic front movements that inspire jihad and with it sharia law, all they want to! We are not going to shut up! We are not going to stop! I was on line quite a bit after 9-11. Before that I too was clueless. Gosh I was shallow! Now I find I need to help keep America up! We need to fight like we never fought before! We need every American onboard!

I’m counting on reaching many voices to start getting off the couch or at least be armed with a lap top to all the officials and bombard them with emails. You have free calling then by golly call them up too! Be an American and fight! This is war! A war like we have never known before and it needs to be confronted! You ask what we can do and more importantly what can we do to stop this brotherhood fronts like Al-Jazeera CAIR and a few others out there. They use our laws against us you say?! Than by golly use our laws against them right back! Don’t give one inch of your freedom to them! They need to start respecting the country they came to not the other way around! So far I don’t feel graced with their presence here! They show no respect for America and so how can they expect it back! This isn’t going to be a one way street in their favor I assure you! It’s going to get ugly real quick!

I don’t have any children but I sure don’t want to leave a world to these thugs that my friends and family’s kids have to deal with! I would like to be one of the ones to help stop it for them. I would expect those of you with kids to feel the same way I do about keeping a free society, a great country going! We all need to realize how much blood was shed for our freedom! So let’s keep it going!

Oh and Hope you take time out to see this video:
Al-Jazeera press conference

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