Saturday, April 02, 2011

Bruning the koran

Oh for peat sakes!!!

You know pretty soon they are going to tell us that we can’t talk badly about the islamic muslims because it’s going to endanger our troops!!! News flash: “They are already in danger with the moron in office at the helm!!!”

Give me a ‘you know what break!!! Those insects don’t need an excuse for killing! Never mind they burn our flag tear down the churches in Iraq and other places, building a mega mosque at a cherished place showing how insensitive they are to others! Constantly changing suit to offset the passive minds supporting them! I think I just heard they are naming it something else once again! That folks is called takia.

“In islam there is a thing called takia, which means you can lie if you are a muslim or not, obama is doing it, nothing can´t show that he is not a muslim or can he, think of takia, very important, remember that.
Patrik Quinn Phd theology University of Western Ontario

How many times do I need to say this! It doesn’t matter what the hell you do! They want to take us down anyway so why should we be walking on glass! We need to face them off! I say BRING IT ON AND LETS GET THIS OVER WITH! Go Israel!
I stand with Israel!

Just look "Here" at what we are dealing with!

They are all male! Afraid of women so that is why they started the sharia law! Scared shitless and hungry for power to bring religion into their political crap that just will not fly here in the USA! They want a revolt well by golly they will have one!!!

I see 60% are morons!


Mike H. said...

The more the muzzies act in that manner the faster the idiots will wake up.

They will start to see that all of the pronouncements made by CAIR and others of that ilk is falsified by the actions of the masses.

Of course it will still take us to keep it in front of the noses of the useful idiots. ;)

dcat said...

The little dicks need more encouragement me thinks!

Let's see I have this huge fire pit...

hey they want to kill everyone anyway might as well piss em off even more before I go!