Saturday, April 09, 2011

The left seem's to be with the jihad!

Thank you Jihad Watch

He has some other videos that I enjoyed. Hope you do too.


Mike H. said...

He is compelling! And some of those stories are eye opening.

dcat said...

Yes they are my family had lots of true stories from Europe.

Both my grandparents fled Europe when they could.

I remember boxing all our clothes and shoes that didn't fit anymore in the late 50's. I remember my mom telling me how good we have it.

It’s better to dislike and distrust the lefty's as the enemy of our great nation!

My freedom means too much to me! You would think the left loons would see that! They are much too busy with their head up the ass!

You know Mike H I still have family there and they are all teachers. I'm pretty sure that their mom's and dad's are gone now.

The shame on theose rejects that brace this sick idiology and socialism they have no f**ing CLUE!

I don't like them at all! I can't begin to understand them and I don't want to!