Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Donald Trump is another Ross Perot!

If you buy the birth certificate ploy and the big talk then I have a bridge for you to buy! 

Can’t people see what is happening here!?  Running for independent?  Sound familiar?!   Split the vote and get this guano back in for another four years?!  I think not! 

I see what is happening and I worked all day!  I don't have the luxury to sit my ass at a computer all damn day steeling time from a company!  I wait till I get home!  I only saw my email on my phone once (on my own time at lunch) just the head line and it hit me!  I just hope people aren’t this stupid to fall for it again!



The Griper said...

wait until a couple of primaries have been held before getting your dander up about Trump. that will tell us far more than the opinion polls and the political rhetoric coming out of these mouths now.

dcat said...

Hey Griper!

I don't have to wait I know!

Red flags all over the place don't be a fool like my friend Fonda, that voted for the jackass we have now!

I think this was the plan all along to hide his papers!

He is trying for another four years I'm telling ya!!!

The Don is an arrogant PRICK!

dcat said...

Clue: Trump said he would run anyway and it’s not his intent.


If he said “he might run” if he didn’t have the republican vote, he would go independent.

This is what is going to get the communist socialist Marxist back in office!

dcat said...

His companies went bankrupt! He is only doing well because he is a celebrity!
It’s a game with him! He does not care about the country!!!

It is one big ego trip for him!
I did the homework already!!!

People are SO... ARRRGGGGHHH! >:[