Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Islamics are insensitive to the victems of 9-11!

I believe in Jesus Christ the father all mighty the creator of heaven and earth! I believe that the fight will be great but so will Gods hand on their judgment day. As God as my witness islamic muslims will parish into hell and that is better than any burning of a Koran!


RG said...

CAIR cannot show that 3,000 Muslims were killed within 20 minutes in America. But we can show that Muslims killed 3,000 Americans within 20 minutes in Manhatten, NY.

We can show that and many other acts of murder by Muslims in America, many.

dcat said...

Yeah I think that they are really working overtime!

I can't seem to beable to post today. LOL Morons!

And I was going to put up a post on obama! Sure hope idiots can read what he is really saying!!!

I will post the video ASP!

It is so damn obvious!!!