Monday, August 23, 2010

islamic Bullies

Keep Pushing them away Americans!

Americans need to keep pushing!

Well I’m not surprised by their tactic of blowing up USA first. Oh and telling us about it to add fear. Heh! That is just how children act when they don’t get a toy they want! Only they don’t threaten or kill or destroy. If they do I’m sure the parent is there to set them strait. That is just what islam needs and the USA needs to do it! Europe didn’t other countries kowtowed to these thugs! True Americans won’t so I’m here to say bring it on and let’s roll!

As for all the rejects that call themselves American, going ‘no running to their side you will suffer the bunt as well. For you people will get killed last if we don’t finish you off first! You will wear the nice title of the useful idiot! Oh and since you are the useful idiots “NO 72 VIRGINS FOR YOU!”

Since I am an honest hard worker and feel that using the computer other then work at work is stealing so I don’t do that. My iphone is great but then again it’s a tool at work that I use. However I do get emails at lunch and will read. Here is one that I didn’t get to till I got home:

“Young girl killed by 'peace loving' muslims. These (I can’t even use the word people) are fucking animals.”
FA_-_lapidation-stoning.wmv seems this is taking forever so click here for a search on someone I know and like very much! She is keeping tab: just click here

Here is a movie: click here
and click here on this one they even did a test to make sure she was a virgin before throwing her body into her resting place!

There are so many too many to post!

Um Yup this happened two years ago! It’s still going around? Good I hope someone sees the religion for what it is! And that is, that it is SICK!

A warning to islam: Americans are catching on! You won't get your way here! So pack up yer sharia law and leave!


tha malcontent said...
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dcat said...

Go right ahead if you want to make friends with the twisted loons tha malcontent. Just leave me out of it! I heard enough of their bullshit!

I plan to have a nice life and heaven help anyone who gets in MY WAY!!!

dcat said...

I got this email and I know who it is for ;)

What a fucking retard...'respect and tolerance goes two ways. ' Anyone stupid enough respect and tolerate these murdering bastards needs to be committed to an idiot farm. Better yet send them to Iran or some other sharia shit hole and let them enjoy some respect and tolerance there. Cow shit for brains idiot.

dcat said...

Oops !

Here you go TM:

tha malcontent has left a new comment on your post "islamic Bullies":

But...but the Muslims are a peaceful bunch!

Everyone in the civilized world should see this video.

Here is the link