Thursday, August 26, 2010

I call these useful idiots!

Nice job by Pamela Geller

You know that it is too late for these fools!
They should read "this book"


Mister Ghost said...

Hello Donna,
Do you see where the Ground Zero mosque may get Tax-Free Public Financing?

Well, I wanted to tell you about a nice site run by two Iraqi Christian women in Iraq discussing women issues: Eastern Liberty , and hope you could stop by and encourage them. it's not an easy road for them.

Here's an excerpt from one of their posts:

All the luxuries of the west are missing in our democracy. The movie theaters, parks, swimming pools, malls, amusement parks, theaters-even sports stadium for matches or local competitions. Those with money now leave Iraq for vacation, for shopping, for rest and recuperation. But for those of us who are just middle-class, and especially the women, we are stuck here, bored out of our minds. We are not living, we are merely existing. Of course we can't have such diversions until we fix the infrastructure. Fix the electricity, the water, the roads, the schools, even the government if such a thing is even possible. I couldn't agree more.

But even if by a miracle those things were fixed, and by another miracle theaters and malls were built, as a woman I still couldn't go there. In the Muslim/Arab world, women should not go unescorted anywhere, not even with her sister or with a group of friends. Her reputation will be questioned, people will whisper this or that, neighbors will watch and shake their heads and the rumors will spread, and all for what? For a woman wanting to go catch a movie with her friends? Really?

Some call this tradition, call it our culture, handed down by generation to generation. I call it cultural poison; it's about control, nothing more, and it limits women. It has nothing to do with morals or honor. It is the weakness of men and their need to control women because of that weakness. It is jealousy and fear.

dcat said...

Gee wish I could help sounds like they need to get a fucking backbone!

The women and people that are not muzzies need to start taking the muzzies out making them disappear!

Oh just for your FYI we have scum bag men here too! Some aren’t muzzies. They beat their women and are real low life just like the muzzies! We have drug lords living here working for the muzzies! We have camps, there are islamic jackasses recruiting all over the USA!

Those that kowtow to them are useful idiots working to take our country!!! Or haven’t you heard that!?

Sorry Mr. Ghost America comes first and we need to keep what we got and get rid of the sumb bag muzzies and thugs here!

You know they are all tied together don’t you!?

It’s a doggie dog world ain’t it!

I’m married and go out with men for lunch, talk to men all the time! (I use to climb mountains when I was younger with em). Let me tell you that if anyone of them would step out of line I would be the first to kick their ass clear to tomorrow and back! Heaven help the gossipers! I already had that happen to me.

Funny story here:
My neighbor saw me at lunch with a male co-worker and when I got home and my husband came home we were in the driveway. The neighbor just had to see how we were doing I guess. He just had to run over to talk to us. I told him how good it was to see him at lunch! I turned to my husband and said yeah I was out with **** and **** came in. Oh he said how is **** and ... My neighbor was left out in the cold.

Some smother and some live you gotta make that choice to dump, the smothered type or not get involved.

You’re more than welcome to cut and paste it at their place or educate the dumb if you like Mr. Ghost.

In other words they need to make a stand! I believe if it means your life you weren’t liven anyway!

I leave many scratching their heads you ain’t the first or the last!

I never dated weak or control freaks they didn’t stand a chance with me! NEVER WILL!

)O( said...

CBS to Black Beck Rally Attendees: ‘I'm Noticing that There Aren't a Lot of Minorities Here Today
CBS and the rest of the MSM have decided the Tea Party movement is racist and hostile to non-whites, and it’s a mantra they’re going to illustrate whenever they see an opportunity. Reporter Nancy Cordes saw a “nearly all-white crowd” at Glenn Beck’s “Restoring Honor” rally in Washington, DC, as she (at least an off-camera female voice) demanded of two black women who weren't afraid to attend: “I'm noticing that there aren't a lot of minorities here today. Why do you think that is?” One of the women shot back: “They're probably over there with Al Sharpton.

Isn't it funny that my eyes saw several, what some would call, (African) Americans, (Asian) Americans, and (Hispanic) Americans

"There are none so blind as those who refuse to see."

dcat said...

george soros the communist bastard owns MSN and his blood money is buying his communist ideas!

As for the have nots they think they will be getting something for nothing!

Either you are American or you are a commie and are not with us! I don’t use the color crap this is AMERICA!

I know I will die to uphold the second amendment as well as the whole of the constitution!

The commies tried to do something with our ammo recently and found out what a bad idea that would be! So we need to show up once in a while to let commies know we are many and won’t stand for their CRAP!

dcat said...

Oh look what I found!

Like I said the picture here with all these idiots are the useful idiots!