Wednesday, August 04, 2010

islam is insensitive!

Build a masque? Who you going to have build it for you? Contractors are Union! Word on the blogs is they ain’t going to do it. Bloomberg is a rino and a trader to this country!

I bet the muzzies offer lots of money to have that shit built at ground zero. Or they will run to their prayer rugs with asses in the air praying to destroy the US for not letting them show they won on 9-11!

Like many I don’t have a problem with the religion as long as it respects mine! They don’t and I don’t have a religion. So there you are! I do have God though! They have a pedophile they pray to!

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As I said: "islam is insensitive to others!"

Here is "Mike" I love this guy!


tha malcontent said...

Can Israel build a Jewish Temple in Mecca. First, raise the money. Then ask the Islamofascist government to let you build it. Explain that you are trying to extend the hand of the Jewish people in friendship to Muslims and further unite the Jewish people and Islamic people - like the Muslims in NYC are doing

dcat said...

Honey, CAIR "islamic morons" have no morals!!!