Monday, August 30, 2010

Dry run

Oh geese! Now I won’t be able to strap my cell phone to my Pepto-Bismol!

In all seriousness now these two are stupid idiots but then again we have the guy that was sent by hussain on our tax dollar because he is WHAT? Anyone, anyone now you know the answer come on!

You know the one that wants to build bridges (then blow them up of course).
Come on! You know the 9-11 masque!


This was mutt and jeff but then we have the ones that speak well and carry a good lie.

Look about people and pay attention!
Next time they won’t shave the mustache!

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Mike H. said...

They should have a setup so that folks like that can be asked to get off the flight in mid-air.

dcat said...

Make sure they don't land on me Mike H!

My favorite read on this topic was at Hot Air

Lame stream...well you know! Supported the thugs when electing hussain!