Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Islam you best be praying!

Because more people are on to your crap then you think! Go ahead have those babies here! You teach them hate and you will lose them here in the USA to protective child agencies! You will not win in the name of GOD! You work for satan there for you will enter the flames of hell for all eternity!

Listen up America!

These muslim people are not here to practice religious freedom in a country that allows freedom of religion. They are not here to share the American dream of freedom and justice for all. They are not here to share the good will and loving kindness of Mohammad and of islam.

They are here to infiltrate and destroy our nation. They are here on a military and fanatical Satanic religious mission to conquer and destroy our country. They are here on a mission of Jihad. Their goal is the destruction of the United States of America as a nation, as a philosophy and as a people.

America had better wake up. America had better get over the politically correct tolerance of these murderous barbaric parasites. America had better consider seriously the consequences of not purging and eradicating this insidious cancer from within our borders. It's time to draw the line and finish this war or your children and grand children will be answering to the will of Sharia law and not to the laws of the United States.

Every single day that passes while we debate the socialist muslim government that is now running our country will be one day closer to our utter and total destruction as a people and a nation. The adage that 'all it takes for evil to flourish is for good men to do nothing' is now truer than ever before in our nations history.

Never before have we faced the imminent destruction of our country from an enemy within. Never before has our own government sought the total destruction of our way of life and our 'One Nation Under God'. Never before have we been assaulted by enemies from within our own government that seek the total dominance and totalitarian control of the free people of the United States. When you look at history you will see that nearly all governments are destroyed from within. They are not destroyed from external enemies. They are destroyed by corruption and by parasitic usurpers from within.

America had better stop rationalizing. America had better stop compromising. American had better wake up or one day very soon America will wake up to find out it no longer exists. America had better pray and get right with God or America is finished. America had better stop allowing the government to project its will on the American People. The American People had better bend the government to the will of the people. The American People had better take control of America before its too late.

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