Sunday, October 25, 2009




The Griper said...

he laughs as he says sarcastically

"ohh, you warmonger, you. don't you know its people like you that get innocent victims killed in war? its people like you that is the reason we have no peace in this world.

Submit, girl, submit and find the peace you are allowed. Submit to the religion of peace. or as the famous man, Karl Marx, would say, submit girl, submit unto the politics of peace, socialism.
Submit or die so that the rest may know peace." lol

good post dcat. and have a good day.

Mike's America said...

Are you going to post the video of the Muslim girl who converted to Christianity?

dcat said...

Atlas Shrugs did I'm just reading stuff lately Mike. Face book keeps me reading more then posting. :p and a long list of people I need to check out before I allow. At least there you can cut the trolls out 4 good! Or hide what you don't care about. It's crazy out there!