Thursday, October 15, 2009

I need you all to pray for Rifqa Bary!

Thank you Pamela Geller from Atlas Shrugs
Pamela Geller vs. FOX's Phil Keating at Rifqa Bary Hearing - Juicy video. Much thanks to Mark Campbell for sending this for Atlas readers to munch on. Campbell caught the second half of my "debate" with Keating (along ...

We will win this!



bg said...


thanks dcat..

Pamela is something else..

God Bless & keep her & those who assist her safe from these monsters..

and albeit i've posted this elsewhere, hope it's okay to post it here as well..

via AIFD

Rifqa Bary, Islam, Muslims, Shar’iah, and Apostasy (part 1)

[Rifqa’s legal case is, however, particularly compelling in her favor due to her reports of prior abuse, verbal threats, and how close her age is to the age of majority of 18.


I believe that the Bary case should be used as tool to bring to light many questions that Muslims should ask themselves. While I have never heard a Muslim directly or personally justify violence against another Muslim for the act of apostasy, there is a significant amount of pathology in the way many Muslims deal with apostasy from almost every level – from the familial to the tribal to the intellectual levels. What I will show here is that the preponderance of the intellectual evidence shows a systemic intolerance and, in fact, there is strong evidence for legal (Shar’iah-based) underpinnings for the intolerance, abuse, discrimination, and even at its worst, direct countenance of murder of apostates. I will also show that, thankfully, there is a disconnect between rational, moral, lay Muslims (the majority) and authoritative Islamic law as defined by the ulemaa (the theocratic scholars) who still, unfortunately, drive the ideas of a significant minority of Muslims in the West.]

Rifqa Bary, Islam, Muslims, Shar’iah, and Apostasy (part 2)

[CAIR has waged a campaign to intimidate and silence anyone who raises alarms about the dangers of Islamic extremism. CAIR's rationale is that discussions of Islamic extremism lead to animosity not just toward those who twist Islam into a justification for terrorism but toward all who practice Islam. CAIR's concern is understandable, but its response is unreasonable. The group acts properly when it hammers home the point that only a small number of Muslims support religiously motivated violence and that targeting law-abiding Muslims is wrong. Where CAIR errs is in labeling anyone who discusses Islamic terrorism a bigot and hatemonger, an Islamophobe, to use CAIR's favorite slur.


If Muslims cannot acknowledge as I did, publicly with the Noor audience, that Qaradawi and these other contacts of theirs are examples of deep seated moral corruption in the highest order, then Islamic scholarship will continue to be driven into the ground by Islamist apologists. Islamists will always compromise real moral clarity for an Islamist set of ethics in which the ends justifies the means (terrorism) and the Islamic state takes precedence over the secular system (Muslim supremacism).

In fact, these same leaders (spokespersons) who have now this month surfaced to defend the name of Noor Islamic Center and CAIR were nowhere to be found during our visit to the Hilliard Muslim community despite months of advance notice. They remained silent in the face of an internal Muslim challenge from AIFD for reform. They did not follow up with us on one action item of reform. I discussed apostasy, Shar’iah, the Islamic state, and the root causes of terror vis-à-vis the Islamic state and Muslim supremacism with no follow through in a real contest of ideas.]

and may God Bless & protect Dr. Jasser & his family (especially those back in Syria) who have been threatened by Obama's Islamist pals.. *sigh*


dcat said...

Yes bg and there ain't enough Dr. Jassers running around either!

I still think islam is retarded! Make sure to see Geert Wilders video's and FITNA too!

The Griper said...

gettin very interesting. we'll see on which side of the fence the government lands on with this case.