Thursday, October 15, 2009

My right to defend in liberal ass Seattle!

West Seattle Blog

Well Seattle is passing a law that will not allow me the right to have a concealed weapon! Good luck with that you idiots! What are you going to do search every one!?

Look you fucked up liberals the only ones that will then carry and shoot others are criminals! Laws like what you pathetic losers impose will only protect criminals from folks like me! You can put up all the half baked “LOL” signs banning guns that you want!

You People are really pathetic! Then when people like me save your sorry ass you will side with the criminal! (You will pray first that I am around to take one of those out if bullets be flying). Then you will have pity on the criminal which I really have problems with all you out there that do! I don’t wish the worst for you however I will save my own butt first before I think about you from now on I’ll tell you THAT RIGHT NOW!

I’ll see shooting at a near by park and think “Glad I ain’t there! And keep on walking”. It will be none of my business!

My comment:

I see idiot liberal Seattle seems to know all the criminals!

After all they are all in office and want to disarm all the good citizens! Great the criminals will have all the weapons!

Will they be searching each person now!?

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