Friday, October 23, 2009

Bitch pelosie and cronies are working overtime to destroy America!

Democrats view the Constitution as an obstacle to their goals, not as something to be revered or upheld -- despite their repeated oaths to do just that.

The Patriot Post has more...


The Griper said...

...despite their repeated oaths to do just that.

it didn't start here. remember, we had a president who broke another oath also. that oath was to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. and if my decrepit mind remembers correctly, he was impeached for it.

dcat said...

Clinton and not convicted!
Nixon resigned

And you can do a search because it goes way back. No one ever got kicked out did they!

However you do enough lying and you will get kicked out of office.

Oh but the cronies are running the house!

I think this one had his quota. But then again Pelosie being one of the cronies and all the dems horses asses (couldn't put the country together again) running things into the ground!

Time for a revaluation!

Mike H. said...

Two impeachments, Johnson in the later 1800's and Slick. Neither was convicted and Nixon did the honorable thing and resigned but was never impeached.