Saturday, October 17, 2009

Islam is sick and twisted!

I think you best kill me too then! Gotta die sometime anyway!

Oh and BTW a Dog is God backwards you worthless piece of shit islam mohomed and what ever else you call yourself! You people are racist and full of HATE! My God is the father the only one I need to answer to! NOT TO A CHILD molester FALSE profit!

Pamela Geller keep up the good fight we are not afraid of the losers!

The karon is toilet paper! Everyone listen lets insult islam today! Do it for Geert!


piss on islam!

You are in the right Geert!



RG said...

I heard that the Brittish Muslims are demanding Queen Elizabeth convert to Islam. I bet she wishes she was THE ONE in charge of England. There most likely would be fewer Muslims by dawn.

dcat said...

I'm gonna be ready!

Mike H. said...

The biggest insult that you could proffer to islam is to fill Geert's speaking schedule for everyday that he's available.

BTW you're going to be ready? I am ready, right now. Just need the start date.

Mike H. said...

Start Date: The day after the administration breaks all the glass at the Fox News building.

Krystal Nacht The Sequel, or,
The Son of Krystal Nacht, or,
Krystal Nacht II, or,
Krystal Nacht The Horror Continues,
et al.