Saturday, October 24, 2009

It is Time for America to Speak up!

My favorite one is the last one!

You best be doing more than scrapping that bumper sticker off!

Oh wait there is more: Hat tip to you bg:

Glenn Beck Show October 23, 2009Running America the Chicago Way, Mafia & Baseball Bats -clip#1If You Stand Up To Obama You Might Get whacked The Chicago Way -clip#2NBC and GE Have Fallen In ‘GOOSE’ Step with Every Obama Policy -clip#3 Reason For Hope! Some Media Outlets Stood Up For Fox News-clip#4England Has Been Living Under Obama Prototype For 12 Years -clip#5Is The Climate Change Treaty The Start of World Government? -clip#6


The Griper said...

oh i think the American people are waking up, dcat.

and their voices are getting heard, one whisper at a time. its not only out in the streets with the tea partie but they are speaking up on the internet also in the form of blogs, and the videos. the msm no longer control what news the people hear anymore.

dcat said...

And it isn't going to let up either!

Mike H. said...