Friday, December 07, 2007

Thank You TROOPS! :) Hell with NBC MORONS!


Click here for news of NBC not allowing add!


Toad734 said...

But wait, wasn't it Rush, I like my Oxy Conitn in powder form Limbaugh the one who called any troop who doesn't agree with his radical agenda "phony soldiers"?

dcat said...

Give it up toad!

Oh and you know all about drugs too right! It sure is time for you to take your dose.

It is all politics with you and you don’t give a crap about freedom or someone else’s life. Admit it! The far left has yet to prove themselves estimable.

If I gave you any information you would not be able to process it so I won’t even give you another chance. You don’t debate you want a fight. Peace asshole! Now go live with that! LOL! John! :D :D :D

VietnamVet said...

So you think "Peace Asshole" is the answer?

Why don't you take that message to the crazy head chopping bastards who are trying to kill us.

I'm sure they will love to hear you debate the issues while the stuff your severed testicles in your mouth and saw your head off.

It’s called “Survival Asshole”.

dcat said...

No it isn’t the answer Vietnam Vet!

That is just what I was trying to get at with the left wing nut or little numb nut prick of an ass wipe peacenik junky toad!

Pay attention please! Before going off half cocked...

"I have testicals?"

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I hope the hell I don't! But I have more back bone then the spineless little hairless ape on the first comment!

dcat said...

NBC is the lame report! They are the asswipes! Assholes!

dcat said...

NBC: lalalalala memememe...too political...lala la me la!

That just about how the media sounds to me too! Survival for whom? The media maybe from the loony lefts screams toward them for airing it! The wimps!

dcat said...

In other words the cut and run are at it again!

They just love doing everything half ass!

We need to go for the jugular and not let go or give up! We really need to press on folks!

dcat said...

And click on this!

More in agreement of what I think! They just happen to write better then me. Good for the Power line guys!!! So THERE! :P

Indigo Red said...

NBC caved. They have changed the political ad guidelines and will now run the Troop Thank You ads. They decided the ads themselves are not political, only the website to which viewers are directed.

dcat said...

Fear the bloggers now do they!

And right they should!