Saturday, December 01, 2007

Yo Muslim Islamic Jackasses! Teddy Bear Already Had A Name!

Hey you pathetic islamic muslim idiots! The Teddy Bear already had a name!

The nerve of taking a good name like Teddy and giving it a muslim name! UGH!

I bet Teddy is rolling in his grave about this teacher degrading the Teddy Bear to a muslim name! THE NERVE!!!


The Griper said...

he laughs. the teacher needs to feel the "big stick" teddy always carried. lol

dcat said...

You could not pay me enough to teach in a back ass country like that!

The women are all f@#!%ed up too over there and here that are in that religion!

Just like our women here in the states that put up with abuse! And they are not even muslims! You can't get through to the idiots!

The only way is to break away turn your back to family friends and run like hell from their stupidity and dysfunctional existence!

AHHHH! Thanks Griper I was wanting to say more... :D

dcat said...

A very good post Griper!

Toad734 said...

Ive got a bear I name "Jesus sucks donkey ass".

That shouldn't offen any reasonable Christian because after all, its just a teddy bear with a name right?

dcat said...

You toad!

It is a name and the Christians don’t go around saying they are going to beat someone up over a name or threaten with beheading! Or even prison over a name!

So go ahead and name your teddy what ever the hell you want to. Folks will just think you to be odd just as I do. You may even pick up a nick name from some. You will probably not like that nick name but remember you will deserve it!

You must be either a left loon or a muslim wacko and frankly it is no use talking to infidels like you anything and everything offends things like you and you have no back bone. You probably even have a blankie and suck your thumb.

I really don't care what you have to say. So go spew your sick vile at your own blog.