Monday, December 03, 2007

NOW Afraid of Big Bad ASS Islamic Muslim jihad Jackasses!!!

The woman’s movement is all about politics and that is why NOW is not saying anything!

All these women should be ashamed of themselves! Every young woman needs to know the difference!

NOW is throwing women under moving busses!

To every young woman out there: You are woman let me hear you roar! You can be a humanitarian to try and stop all the injustice that is happening to women all over the globe! It is about human life for God SAKES!!!

DON’T GIVE IN AND DON’T BE QUIET! YOU HAVE SUPPORT AGAINST THE PRICKS OUT THERE! The pricks are the Islamic Muslim men! Their women are brainwashed! Positive strokes are given to the women who up hold Muslim Islamic ways! OPEN YOUR EYES!

Click here and pay special attention to the part about brutality to women.


dcat said...

Stupid fucked up bitches in N-O-W!

They are no better then the suppressed jackasses following men around like dog's in heat!


It really ain't worth it girls!

dcat said...

Religion is to suppress and guide?

I don’t need that kind of guide thank you very much I am driven and I know what has to be done!

I will not stay quiet! No man can make me either!!! ~:( errr!