Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Sending in The New Troops

Hat tip to Mike H. for finding this picture.


Then I'lbet the same Anti War Mongrals Had something to do with our "Global Warming Hysteria"!

Well Bad News for Global Warming Alarmists

Hat tip to bg for this link: Man Made Global Warming


Mike's America said...

Great global warming article. I was going to write a summary of my thoughts on the matter, but this article does a much better job.

These two paragraphs really spell out the problem of the hysteria:

"Is it any wonder environmentalists are getting even more emotional in the debate? In public, they state they simply want "truth to out," but the reality is a bit different. Recently, Weather Channel host Heidi Cullen made a strong bid to silence the opposition, calling for the removal of AMS certification for meteorologists who challenged the belief in catastrophic human-induced global warming. In it, she compared global warming denial to "going on air and saying that hurricanes rotate clockwise," apparently herself unaware that in the southern hemisphere hurricanes do indeed rotate in this direction. Cullen's statement immediately provoked outrage from meteorologists around the nation, with one of them angrily proclaiming, "I don't know a single meteorologist who buys into the man-made global warming hype."

Heidi Cullen gained earlier fame for hosting environmental writer David Roberts, who openly called for Nuremberg-style war crimes trials (complete with death sentences) for any scientist brave enough to dispute the public hysteria on global warming. How's that for support of scientific truth and free speech? In the past, reporters just hung up on scientists who didn't agree with their beliefs ... now they want to lynch them!

The lefties are always saying that the GOP is out to get them for dissenting on X, Y or Z.

Yet you try and be a scientist with a different view of global warming or a college student who thinks our efforts in Iraq is a good idea and you'll get the lefties gestapo treatment.

They're not able to lock us up in camps YET... But I bet there are some who would like to.

dcat said...

Yeah Mike and Youtube/google are against me because now I can not use their services to post a video!!!

Morons the lot of em! That is how they will shut us up one at a time!

I guess I will have to write about it then and make it short and sweet!