Saturday, January 27, 2007

AP Journalism Getting Some Lately

AP's Suck Sex in Journalism

Looks like the left wing nut airheads are at it again!

They can’t stand strong conservative women. I mean common! The jabs made to Condi and now this! This back ass caveman attitude won’t fly with real women or real men! AP is cheap and unable to do any real Journalism!

The male counterparts in this tabloid must be all sex starved for a life like Saudi has!

I say: “They can all go live there and get the hell out of my country!”

Just think of it people! It’s a common place of entertainment for all the disregarded males by “real women”. That would be the AP’s journalist’s playground.

Try and keep up with real issues AP if you can! If you can’t just keep on taking that Viagra and keep on interviewing those cheap floozies! I sure as hell won’t read it!

* You all shine Lady's! *


Mike H. said...

I dropped in, found out, dropped out.

Chong right back at her. (Rosebud that is(don't like the [fill in term]))

Indigo Red said...

Sex sells real news.

dcat said...

Nothing like reading a cheap rag!

Folks must not have a life to read AP’s TRASH!

dcat said...

Rosie is a waste and so is the Trump!