Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The President is Going Strong!

President George W. Bush will press on!

Yeah! He is going strong and sending in more troops to finish the job!

Take that you terrorist supporters you!

HEY! Al-Quada we are coming for ya!


Indigo Red said...

And the Iraqis must now get off their asses and do something helpful. Reluctant PM Maliki is getting tough with Sadr and the Medhi Army. This past weekend 20K Iraqi troops went into Sadr City and Down Heifa Street(Sniper Street.)

Maybe this time.

Mike's America said...

I hope this works. I have this fear that no matter what we do the lamestream media is going to say it's not good enough and we should leave.

Don't know if you saw that analysis in Newsbusters about all the American cities that have a higher violent death rate than Iraq:

I don't see Senator Teddy Kennedy saying we need to pull out of Boston or New York.