Thursday, January 11, 2007

Oh Are We Terrorizing Terrorists? Oh So Sorry! NOT!!!


So are like the liberals going to yell about this one too?! We are being big bad bullies yada, yada, yada… Oh and isn’t it just awful how we had Saddam hung!?

You bet they will start a yammering you bet they will!

While you read that first post on Terrorizing Terrorists you can go to related links. I just love this title saying Jihad jerks flee Somalia Capital.


Skye said...

Machiavelli was right in his observation that it is better to be feared than loved.

The US should act the bully more often!

Indigo Red said...

Ralph Peters wrote in the article:
"They're [al-Qaida] homeless again."

My god (wringing hands)! What ever shall we do? The poor defenseless (except for AK-47s and RPGs) terrorist thugs are homeless.

I KNOW! HABITAT FOR HUMANITY! Jimmy Carter will build homes for anybody!