Saturday, January 13, 2007

Oh Yeah Lets Just Leave ISLAM Alone!

That is what the liberals are saying and defending the just killing of a thug!

Soldiers of Allah in Seattle
And in New York Hat tip to RG

Call for faith-based NHS services
Maliki will be no help to Bush Hat tip bg

By ASSWIPE Islam! (Anwar is the stupid one here folks!)

Islam thinks that hormones make me lower then a man eh!?

Hey ISLAM F#@! YOU! AND THAT CAMEL YOU CAME IN ON!!! You back ass society!!! I have had just about enough of your bullshit!

I will never give in or give up! How do you like my hormones now bub?! I don’t need no stinking PHD to be smarter then you! I already am!

Now I think the speech the other day was Easy on words. It’s because George didn’t want to upset the liberals again!

You have to speak in a monotone voice so not to upset all the sleeping loons of thought. After all this is how the liberal professors talk in Collage classes while trying to manipulate the student body. “And might I add it didn’t work with me!”

Some minds are so sensitive and are not able to grasp at reason unless it is brought to them in a soothing way masked with big words. George didn’t use the big words because he never cares to candy coat what he has to say to the public. I agree with him! If you can’t get it in a few words or less then you need serious help! Let’s hope they all wake up soon to, reality!


Indigo Red said...

It's a force of will to sit and listen to the examples you linked. The whole thing about islam and the mohammadans is just sick, sick, sick.

dcat said...


And yet we have a society of moonbats protecting these immoral and corrupt thugs!

Mike's America said...

At some point this conflict will come to a head.

It would be better for us to confront the muzzies now and not wait until we are more at risk.

The same was true before WW2 and we did nothing until absolutely forced to.

History tends to repeat itself.

dcat said...

Yeah Mike you think we would learn!