Thursday, January 04, 2007

A Pat Robertson Prediction oh I think I mean Production...

I call this a false profit wanna be!

Now didn’t the bible say that there will be false prophets?!

With the way the world is now even I can predict assholes to come unleashed on us all! If it does happen I seriously think that anyone around or near Pat Robertson should be under surveillance!

I know this is no time to joke however I plan to have a little fun with this post come the end of September 2007!

We must not let small details distract us from seeing the bigger image.

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The littlest anti moonbat



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Mike H. said...

Wow! have we just seen some of that wonderfully professional editing that the mainstream media is capable of? 'Breathless amazement.' It's as if a light shone over me imparting an educated intelligence (realizing, of course, that education does not equate with intelligence). BTW, um, what exactly is FUED? Is that what happens when you kiss and make up?

Um, who the hell is the talking head?