Thursday, September 02, 2010

Pfc. Naser Ab

Muslim GI: Koran SaysI Can't Fight for U.S..

I think a court marshal is in order here!

Muslim Group Calls GI 'Traitor' for Faith Claim. I don't trust this group either! They are in on it! I'm SURE OF IT!!!

Email from this one: "Weird. They probably just want a scapegoat."

I say it's to win idiots over to the islamic side. I can hear the idiots now! "See they are not all like that! "

By now just about everyone that I emailed, about you naser ‘are starting to come forward to what I suspected all along. No naser your religion is nothing like peace! You people can’t stand us! You people don’t like our way of life! You people don’t like our different religions! It’s all in the koran and the hiddeth! WAR IS DECEIT!

Wipe that smile off your face!

Mind you what we feel is a threat from muslims like yourself naser! You threaten our way of life it is no longer hate! It’s WAR!!! You and your ilk can’t be taking over a great nation because WE THE PEOPLE WILL NOT, ALLOW IT! This is OUR freedom, OUR culture. BTW (Our culture was letting you live here with our freedoms). We can and will hold you at bay if you continue to be a threat!

The thug culture cult that placed you in our proud Armed Forces just so you can state a message will be getting a message right back at them NOW!

Here are some comments made in emails back to me:

  • Maybe they'll execute him. That would be a good start in getting rid if these freaks. Genocide can be a good thing.

  • "Islam is a peaceful religion, it's not a religion of warfare," Abdo said. "And it's not a religion of terror. As a Muslim, we stand against injustice, we stand against discrimination, and I feel it's my duty as an individual to do this."


    It is THE religion of terror.
    It is THE religion against peace: All infidels must die.
    It is THE religion of injustice: Kill 4000 innocent Americans.
    It is the religion of discrimination: Jews are pigs, infidels must die, women are sub human.

    Good, one less muslim spy in the military. What a freakin dufus. Islam is the religion of SATAN, the deceiver of all, except the ellect. Everything they 'claim' of islam is the exact opposite in reality. All muslims are deceived idiots whether they are moderate and peaceful or radical and violent. Convert them to Christianity or kill them. Those are the only two solutions that will work and screw the idiots that say we must have 'tolerance' and allow them to infest our country with their sickening and polluted excuse for a religion which is nothing but Satan worship in disguise. Mohammad mohammad is a minion of Satan.

  • He may be the most honest muslim in the U.S. forces. He says he can't fight and kill other muslims, so what is up with the other 12,000 muslims in the U.S. military? Do they have no problem killing other muslims and remaining in the U.S. military? You just can't trust any of them. I think it is a good thing he isn't fighting for the U.S., because I wouldn't trust the guy not to kill American troops in retaliation for them killing muslims. I don't capitalize 'muslim' anymore - they don't deserve it.

  • Why did this nutcase join the army in the first place? If he's such a good Muslim, he should know there's no separation between church and state - - and this would stop him from fighting for anything other than Sharia law. I think he's a plant, trying to mess with our system and is up to no good. [I wish they'd kick him out and send him to the Middle East to LIVE!] N.
There were many many more like this. It's going viral on the web.

You should see all the comments about the pig!

"In Spain ... at Sevilla Some local people found a way to stop the construction of another mosque in their town. They buried a Pig on the site, making sure this would be reported by the local press. The Islamic superstitions forbid erecting a Mosque on "Pig soiled ground". The moslems had to cancel the project .... this land was sold to them by government officials. No protests were needed by the local people ... and It worked!"

Ok someone in NYC needs to do it! NOW!!!

First remember our dead on 9-11 and how insensitive it was for islamic muslims to try and erect a masque! They are calling us bigots, racists and all kind of other filth! Not to mention using our laws to make it all ok after the people asked “politely” not to build there.

You are not going to get special attention over this in your favor naser ab you FOOL!

You just enlightened more folks!
Nice JOB!

So you see naser your little action spoke volumes to many about what we all think of you! Now I’m going to make things a bit hotter for you and the rest of the islamic muzzies out there! If we made binladen then this should just about smoke a few more out of their caves, so all isalmic muslims will finally be seen for what they all are!

There is NO, special privileges for you here in the USA! None that are going to take others privileged freedoms away!

Here is a comment made at my blog at one of my posts:

Hello, Do you see where the Ground Zero mosque may get Tax-Free Public Financing? Well, I wanted to tell you about a nice site run by two Iraqi Christian women in Iraq discussing women issues: Eastern Liberty , and hope you could stop by and encourage them. it's not an easy road for them. Here's an excerpt from one of their posts: All the luxuries of the west are missing in our democracy. The movie theaters, parks, swimming pools, malls, amusement parks, theaters-even sports stadium for matches or local competitions. Those with money now leave Iraq for vacation, for shopping, for rest and recuperation. But for those of us who are just middle-class, and especially the women, we are stuck here, bored out of our minds. We are not living, we are merely existing. Of course we can't have such diversions until we fix the infrastructure. Fix the electricity, the water, the roads, the schools, even the government if such a thing is even possible. I couldn't agree more. But even See more... if by a miracle those things were fixed, and by another miracle theaters and malls were built, as a woman I still couldn't go there. In the Muslim/Arab world, women should not go unescorted anywhere, not even with her sister or with a group of friends. Her reputation will be questioned, people will whisper this or that, neighbors will watch and shake their heads and the rumors will spread, and all for what? For a woman wanting to go catch a movie with her friends? Really? Some call this tradition, call it our culture, handed down by generation to generation. I call it cultural poison; it's about control, nothing more, and it limits women. It has nothing to do with morals or honor. It is the weakness of men and their need to control women because of that weakness. It is jealousy and fear.
By Mister Ghost on I call these useful idiots! on 8/27/10

Oh and did you all hear!

FRANCE is waking up!

Here is a little movie for your enjoyment at this site emailed to me today by ACT:

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Indigo Red said...

Naser Ab probably has no problem going on jihad against American forces. Since we would shoot him then, can we just shoot him now saving everyone a bunch of time and money?

dcat said...

I know Indigo it’s like lets drain the system and confuse the stupid!

At this point they all would be target practice!

I have had it with the lot of them!