Friday, September 10, 2010

muslims Insensitivity for 9-11 and America

Well, what does one expect! You know they have no sensitivity for no one, but THEMSELVES AND THAT TWISTED CRAP CULT OF THEIRS!

Islam, is thoughtless and brainless!

Just read: “this article”.

We need to be sensitive to their crap book, but yet 'the hell with our dead, during 9-11 attacks from the middle east that killed innocent people?!

How, insensitive of them! When they go ahead with this (now take note they are calling it something else) (I think they will be like the speak easy places with the room in the back with proceeds going to their criminal activities) we will never let this story die either! I feel they have a tough time in America now. They ain’t seen nothin yet!

I also see islamic muslims playing by the rules just to prove us wrong! I see them with lots of deceit in their motives. The 9-11 masque is just to get everyone’s attention and doing a one eighty! Oh look nothing in my hands and oh look at the pretty flowers.

You will see and if we live long enough remember they are very patient it will be with the other generation. So remind and teach your children to have a watchful eye. Don’t give in and never give up the freedoms that you have today. Because you think your childhood is prison and hell your adult life will be as well!

If the living won’t get them, the dead spirits of the 9-11 area will!

I feel, this is how the world will end mankind before the sun goes out. Not that I consider islmic thugs mankind because they are a species all of their own.

After we are gone, muslims will devour their own 'for there will be no one else to blame or to kill. Eyelashes will be plucked from their women’s eyelids next, because it may cause muslim men to have an erection!


Indigo Red said...

It will be close, but I don't think the situation will get to that point. Americans will put up with a shit load of crap, but eventually see clearly.

dcat said...

isalmic morons will keep playing the peace love dove game and only the stupid will buy that!

I told the idiots on the corner of Bellevue Wa. Mall to shove those signs up their ass as the light changed and I made my get away but they heard me the lid was down on my car with the wind in my hair unlike that head to toe shit standing there!