Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Burn a Koran?

I don’t think I will spend the energy of going and getting one and burning it. I mean why lower myself to their pathetic level. Islam is nothing but a bunch of morons I know this so why bother.

They show their color and I just point to it. Look at them when they burn our flag. B rate others religion. Remember when they burned our soldiers to charred bodies and dragged them through the streets. For God’s sake they are still back ass! They still stone women and incorporate harsh treatment to women because they are sick and twisted!

Islam? Well this is what separates us from man and beast! Them being the beast!

On September 11th I will show only the respect of the ones who died in the name of islamic Allah.

I will never forget!

Their cowardice antics spoke very loud!


tha malcontent said...

It looks like we all blogged on this subject today.
The wacko Pastor in Florida should not be getting all the attention that we all are giving him.

dcat said...

What pastor?

Did I mention him?

Well now I will by golly! He is as wacko as that cult islam is!

Mike H. said...

I actually think that he should be encouraged to burn it. They use the Bible as toilet paper. That's a definite message being sent our way.

dcat said...

Hello Mike H,

Well truth be told if I had one I would too! Instead I will keep pissing them off and I know a few that come here!

It pissed me off again last night on FOX! They were burning our flag! Why should we kowtow to the asswipes! The more you do the more they will take of our country!

I say lets piss em off! Lets get this over with! Let’s ROLL!

The masque was for the sensitivity of victims that islam took! Obviously they don’t know about sensitivity of others only their own!

You can’t tell me that if we don’t burn the Koran they will treat us with respect or anything like that!