Wednesday, September 29, 2010

islam in bad taste!

Yeah Pamela I see the crushed star of David as well. Sad that these loons even exist with us on this planet!

Sympathy? For the victims of 9-11 and their families? Who are they anyway?

Islamic morons don’t and will care less about any of us infidels. When are the PC jackasses going to see that!

I'm for the pigeon's shitting all over it too! Except we need to feed them black berries so that it will show up really well!

I enjoyed the one commenter saying: What goes up... We know the rest and this is war!

Read Atlas "Pamela" she isn't crazy and she knows what is going on! AS DO I!!!

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Indigo Red said...

Other religions can participate because the structure is not a mosque. Mosques have very specific design requirements and this building has none of those.

It's a RABAT, literally a 'fortified place'. In the West, it's called a fort. In modern American military terms it's a F.O.B., Forward Operating Base. The intent is for the building to operate as a seeming benign locale to win 'hearts and minds' of infidels while doing dawa(proselytizing) and exerting pressure on the surrounding community for change favoring Submission.

Although other religions are permitted to use the building, they cannot use the Islamic prayer space which is separate, larger to accommodate up to 5000 worshippers at once, and on an upper floor(higher plane). The infidel prayer space is much smaller and of a time share nature making group use very hard.

Nothing good can come from this place.