Thursday, January 14, 2010

You WILL hear my VOICE!

I damn will use it too!

If the little jerks try and sue me for my rights, I’ll do a counter sue on the little dips that come to MY country to try to take my rights!

I’m not going to stand for racist foreigners like islamic, socialist, communist, morons or anyone else tell me NOTHING! The losers have no power here and I like others will stop it from happening if the idiot in the White House can’t or sides with them we will tar and feather em! We will try them all for treason!

THE Constitution WILL reign in the USA!

Helen Thomas needs to be on drugs in a Nursing Home!!! THERE IS NO ONE HOME IN THAT HEAD OF HERS!


Mike H. said...

It's good to see someone bringing these bills up.

dcat said...

Yep being put where they belong alright!

Mike's America said...

I think Helen Thomas is on drugs. And what better nursing home for a sick liberal than the White House press corps?

She fits right in!

dcat said...

I can’t believe the bitch is still alive!!!

That goes for Carter too!