Tuesday, January 05, 2010

C.A.I.R Steps up to the plate again to take Rifqa’s freedom!

Crap! Just when you think an innocent bright girl is going to be free from her abusive family wonderful islamic C.A.I.R steps in! Jihad Watch had this information.

So wake up people Al Qaida is really here! These terrorists are amoung us and this young girl could have escaped if it wasn’t for C.A.I.R so you see the court system is being subordinate to islamic loons! The hell with this girls freedom and to be kept safe from abuse!

Child protection agencies have been hijacked paid off by the terrorists in islam!

Remember it isn’t a culture when someone is being ABUSED!

Update: If that wasn’t enough information then go to Atlas Shrugs for more of the story and video she posted.

Then here is the American Thinker


Mike's America said...

off your main topic, but not by far: I went in and out of the Detroit Airport over Christmas and the security guards were still patting down old ladies and waving Muzzies through.

dcat said...


I will let you know how it goes Mike H on my trip.

I'll blog about it and will let all the top notch places like yours know too!

I don't lie either!

I know as well as you do what is happening!

I have Gods Armor!

dcat said...

Notice on my one post blogger is denying comments!