Saturday, January 30, 2010


Give it a rest already!!!

About that pathetic speech this last week!

A message from me to the big “0”:
You think everyone is stupid? I’ll tell you I didn’t even have to watch your pathetic little speech! I didn’t even have to go to other sites to find out that you used “I” a lot. Call it a gift I have from God.

You know what? Your reign is going to end very, very badly! Tell the brotherhood of yours that it’s being watched all over the world! Hell France got the message. They banned the burka! Oh yeah some think that the muslims rights are being taken! I say hell they took our freedom so why the hell not! I’m sick of being tagged as a terrorist when I want to fly somewhere just because of your islamic stooge friends that you defend!

No water boarding? We know that it was a good way to get information to save us from more of the same threat like 9-11! What the hell is that all about? Or do you want to tell us why our military are being tried for mistreatment of the thugs that want us all dead here in America!

Oh I could go on but many of us know that you are an islamic Marxist! Just like your mother and father were against America! Your mother denounced America, am I right? She was a real winner when it came to being a radical far left loon only wanting America to fall!

It’s really pathetic the way many liberals out there are thinking us Republicans are racist! No we aren’t because most of us thought King was a great man and still do but you? You are nothing but an islamic Marxist trying to take America down and I can’t wait to see you get your butt tried for treason! That goes for everyone and Pelosi included! Your band of thugs in office will be dealt with!

You are such a disgrace to our nation! Just as bad as Carter!

Our US Constitution is just the way it was meant to be and will be in place after you are gone!


The Griper said...

he's making Carter look like a saint.

dcat said...

He is one of them clapping behind the curtain for encores!

The Griper said...

ohh i don't doubt that, dcat. what i meant was that Carter never tried to create a socialist state like Obama is blatently trying to do.

he may as liberal and is cheering Obama in his quest now but i was only referring to his presidency.

dcat said...

Well it is just unfortunate that Pelosi is the one that won’t bring charges because she is a thug and we will all be screwed!

There now, 'I have a reason now why I didn’t have children! I don’t have to worry after I’m gone!

It’s just all such a shame the morons will be keeping everyone dumb so they can keep rule over life in the coming dark age!