Monday, January 18, 2010

We are fighting against an islamic ideology!

So NO! I will not respect islam thank you very much!

They don’t respect my freedom so why in the hell should I!

IMHO everyone and I mean everyone in that religion is NUTS!!!

That's our Woman Pamela Geller! Always getting the news at her blog
Atlas Shrugs

Religion of peace my ASS!!! islam it's a religion of PIECE of SHIT!

Update: Muslims Light Church on Fire With Christians Inside - The Religion of Peace continues to spread its special love, tolerance and exceptional pluralism in the same compassionate way as it has for 1,400 years as pr...


The Griper said...

islamic ideology, socialistic ideology, the same goal, but different Gods to worship

dcat said...

I added more to the religion of SHIT!

dcat said...

...and then Rifqa can go and leave CAIR once she is 18!

Hang in there Rifqa!