Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Scott Brown

Thank you Massachusetts!

Well if we can win Massachusetts maybe we can clean the parasites out of the House and Senate. That is if the Republican party can keep focused on the target and not go wandering off into the forest.


The Griper said...

first of all, before we slap each other on the back, let's find out what sort of republican Brown is. i don't trust them up there in that neck of the woods.

dcat said...

You are right Griper still I am happy with the pick.

We Republicans need to stay on the issues though.

You know I realize he can be a disappointment just like "0" was to the democRATS.

Ciao Baby said...

Obama has said he had mistakenly neglected his direct connection to the American people, after a stunning Republican election win shifted the balance of power in Washington. Obama's aides meanwhile insisted his historic health reform drive was not dead, after Massachusetts voters handed the Swimmer Teddy Kennedy's former Senate seat to Republicans, casting deep doubt over the president's sweeping agenda..
By the way, I treat progressive socialist liberals the way the Savior treated the Pharisees. Go for the throat and feel no guilt, since you'll never convince them that their approach is not only incorrect, it's wrong. And, their opinion and intent for you will not change, so you may as well use the opportunity to bolster the convictions of those who do agree with you.

In other words, debating with them (however civilly) is fruitless, since the only thing that will change their narrow little minds is to be stung by the foolish choices they've made, i.e., big government, high taxes and ever decreasing liberty.