Saturday, November 15, 2008


If you can't read it CLICK HERE to enlarge. Heh this is good and I like what this ole gal had to say!!!
And I agree with her!!!


Indigo Red said...

That's quite a list of demands. I agree with all of them except the term limit - that's my responsibiliy. I agree of all with the conjecture that Congress will do nothing to meet any of them.

I would add that choosing Senators should be returned to State legislatures electing one of their own as the Constitution originally required. Senators were meant to represent the interests of the several States individually and provide the check and balance on the House of Representatives which represents the rabble. Repeal the 17th Amendment!

Campaign contributions should come only from individual citizens living within the district not from companies and corporations or folks from the far flung reaches of the empire.

Repeal McCain-Feingold. Ironically, a stupid piece of legislation that killed the last Republican presidential campaign.

Tom said...

Excellent List!! Heard many of them before, but not in one place.

Please note - she is a retired (network) engineer. If you need something figured out, get an engineer.