Sunday, November 23, 2008


From Atlas Shrugs Pamela you get em GIRLFRIEND!

I can’t believe it! How in the hell can a program distort truth like that! It’s BEEN A FUCKING YEAR IN ABOUT A MONTH!!!

It’s obvious it was and had to be self defense on the girl’s part! SO THERE!!! They want fucking twist and turns well we can give it right the hell BACK! Or this could be a nice little set up to get the asshole back here! I see they still have his mug shots! I think the entire Masque should be held in CONTEMPT! Not to mention obstructing justice!!!

PC CAN work in our favor as well! We just need to fight back right back at them!


More at: Gate way pundit YES!


Joanne said...

Thanks for the heads-up. Someone needs to take CAIR to task. I can only shake my head at the world - it is raving nuts.

dcat said...

Yup any time Joanne!

Errr that is when I find the time and things sometimes do happen when I come on. I saw it and it was that: "I gotta do it kind of thing!"

We had a rare sunny day out here in the PNW I just had to get away today!

Mike's America said...

Glad to see them deliver the subpoena at the CAIR dinner.

dcat said...

I thought so Mike!

Hey bet they get the best money can buy too! The THUGS!!!