Thursday, March 27, 2008

I don’t care what Islam says!

Islam is SHIT! How much proof does one need!

You will not rule anything you bunch of THUGS!


Indigo Red said...

This is a powerful film guaranteed to compel angry muslims to kill scores of their fellow muslims to punish the Western Infidel.

I saw the film just hours after its release and downloded it to a disc. No one can know how long FITNA will be available on the internet.

dcat said...

SHIT!!! I'm so fucking trusting!

Um can you give me a link to it now?

Indigo Red said...

Here's a link to Google Videos that's still up.

dcat said...

Thanks Indigo :)

Indigo Red said...

You're welcome. I'm surprised the video has stayed up so long.