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We Better Be Watching!

Update 3/9/07: Counter Terrorism
Update 3/1/07: Finally Dutch realize they are in DUTCH! Hat tip bg.

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Update 2/25/07: Power line
Update 2/23/07: Look what's coming to a campus near you!

and: Get what message across? And yes they look like thugs to me!

Here we go: Way to go CNN!!!

Update: YouTube is a supporter of the... Ok I have had enough! Question Christianity? No Problem eh youtube!?

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Emerson on Hannity & Colmes 02/20/07
SEAN HANNITY: Are you comparing America to Nazis?

IMAM ABDUL ALIM MUSA, MASID AL-ISLAM CENTER: Well, I think America is on the exact same road. I think George Bush is following the same prescription that Adolf Hitler...

HANNITY: All right. I want to run this tape. I want to run this next tape.(END VIDEO CLIP)

HANNITY: That was Imam Abdul Alim Musa on "Hannity's America" this past Sunday. But this wasn't the first time the imam has made controversial remarks. We have video of him over the past seven years spewing hatred of the very country that he lives in.(BEGIN VIDEO CLIP)

MUSA: And America is the most criminal government in the world.

We they go out and strike at the heart of Zionism, they are not suicide bombers; they are heroes.

If you don't stay out of our way and leave us alone, we're going to burn America down.(END VIDEO CLIP)

HANNITY: Joining us now with new details about this in Washington, D.C., is terrorism expert Steve Emerson is with us.

Steve, I don't know if you saw some of what we had on Sunday night. I spent a lot of time with him on the radio today. The quotes about burning America down, comparing America, saying it's worse than Nazism; they're not suicide bombers, they're heroes. This is a very dangerous man in my view. Your thoughts?

STEVE EMERSON, TERRORISM ANALYST: I agree with you wholeheartedly. He's dangerous. Not just because of the thoughts that he utters but because of the influence that he generates.

Here, he's an imam that has control or influence over hundreds if not thousands of followers. He gives speeches at mainstream -- quote, "mainstream" rallies with other Islamic leaders in the United States. He's been to Iran and the Sudan on missions to essentially prop up those radical regimes.


EMERSON: He supports suicide bombings. And the effects that he has on his followers can be incendiary and cause violence.

HANNITY: He supports Hezbollah. And their manifesto, as we all know, calls for the destruction of the state of Israel. He supports Hamas. He supports the Ayatollah Khomeini. Remember, when he came into power, the Islamic Revolution, 444 days Americans held hostage. He had nice things to say about bin Laden in our interview.

It's interesting. He wants to hide it, especially when you confront him with his exact words, but clearly in an unguarded moment, when he doesn't know he's really being taped, this is what he says.

What can you do? What -- we believe in free speech, freedom of association, the ability to say anything you want. This is his belief system. What can we do?

EMERSON: Here's the quandary, but I'll tell you something shocking. He was invited to the White House Iftar dinner in December of 2000.

Here's a man who basically believes the United States should be destroyed. And yet he was invited along with other notables to this dinner -- August dinner that celebrated Iftar along with the president, President Clinton, at that point.

As far as what to do about it, look, the fact of the matter is that he is exploiting free speech. And unless he goes over that line in inciting someone to carry out violence or carries out violence himself, he's basically protected.

But I think, though, the FBI and other law enforcement agencies should be monitoring him full-scale.

ALAN COLMES: Steve it's Alan Colmes. This guy's real name, by the way, is Clarence Reeves. He was born in Arkansas and grew up in Oakland. And he converted to Islam.

HANNITY: A convicted drug dealer.

COLMES: Clearly, the fact is we do have free speech and we need a First Amendment to protect the very kind of speech, reprehensible though it is, as we just saw it, agreed?

EMERSON: I agree. I'm not saying arrest him on the basis of this, but I also am saying that in the same way that David Duke is considered to be dangerous in terms of his statements about blacks and Jews and -- merits an investigation, not necessarily an arrest. The same would be applying to him because he openly exhorts followers to carry out violence and suicide bombs.

COLMES: Should we investigate anybody who says things that are perceived -- only perceived but are blatantly anti-American. Should anybody who make that kind of speech be investigated by the federal authorities?

EMERSON: Well, when you say anybody, no, no, not anybody but anybody who follows a checklist like this in terms of supporting Hamas, supporting Hezbollah, supporting Iran, supporting suicide bombings, supporting bin Laden.

I think those are -- those are the type of indices that should mark somebody who should be investigated. Again, not necessarily arrested. But certainly gave more scrutiny as to what activities he might be engaged in.

COLMES: I'm a little cautious about the government investigating people who speak out, reprehensible though the things they are that they say.

Is there any evidence that this guy has said and done anything illegal, other than said some incendiary things, any evidence he's actually incited anybody to commit an illegal act or done anything illegal himself?

EMERSON: Well, first of all, he's traveled to Iran and the Sudan. Both regimes have severe restrictions in terms of -- imposed by the U.S. in terms of who can travel to them. And I don't know whether he has violated the IEPA restrictions in terms of traveling to those countries.

No. 2, I am not sure, but I would bet you, Alan, that he might have directed moneys to supporting, quote, "the resistance" in those countries because he's been so supportive of Hamas and Hezbollah.

HANNITY: Steve, if you support suicide bombings and say they're heroes, Hamas, Hezbollah, the Ayatollah Khomeini, Ahmadinejad and bin Laden, we better be watching you. And I hope our government is. This guy is very dangerous.

Thank you for being with us, Steve.

EMERSON: You bet.

Yes all you Barbie and Ken’s of the world they are trying to take not only your life but your freedom!


Mike H. said...

Somebody remind me of why we haven't shot him yet?

dcat said...

You know Mike H. I'm wondering the same damn thing!

Remember we had this kind of nut case all through history. Nothing new we are just getting more information. Isn't it wonderful to know there are even more then ever running loose!?

dcat said...

Sometimes I think the chicken, shit are just pushing buttons! I just would like to be ready if they aren’t!

I will keep pushing theirs too! I think it's only fair!

Hey maybe we can all issue restraining orders! Heh that would be fun!

Mike H. said...

Restraining us? I want to shoot him and I know that he wants to shoot me cause he said so. So, no restraining orders, just ammo vouchers. ;)

dcat said...

Yeah I know ;)

I thought I would have more comments about that stupid comment of mine LOL

Legally bind them and when they break the law shoot em!

City Troll said...

Its going to come down to a point in this conflict over the next ten years where each person is going to have to be prepaired to a)defend themselves and their family and b) be prepaired that self exploding muslims will be going off on our busses, subways and malls.

Look at the suicide bombings in Israel and times it by our lack of internal security at the above listed locations, hell the Jews have security and scanners in every major public location and they still get through....

These loonies are here now..,.

Mike H. said...

What we really should do is to invite him to move to Egypt or France. Then explain that he should look for a plot that faces mecca if he doesn't move, and since they think that they can't get to heaven if they're cremated, that he should make a living will. That ought to give Satan a laugh since he's going to be cremated after he dies anyway. A slow cremation.

Tom said...

Why can't this Imam be arrested & deported? If you or I threaten to kill someone or incite a crowd to violence, we would be investigated if not arrested. Other countries have this policy. Why is he so special?

dcat said...

Go figure Tom?

Maybe they are counting on a mob to take him out? The liberals don't want to disturb a hornets nest because they are too chicken shit to do it!

The lalalalalamemememe crowd would frown on it saying "he has a right to freedom of speach" lalalalalmemememe... The right to, threaten someone else's life?

Yes Tom lots of these ???????? and !!!!!!!!! WTF!!!

Mike H. said...

I saw somewhere a statement that I'll have to paraphrase. Something to the effect of

Yes we know that you have the freedom to speak freely, we hope that this freedom gives you comfort while you're healing.

dcat said...

Yes Mike H and I’m Polish American!

I'm gonna give it right back every fucking chance I have!

Mike H. said...

Oh yeah! So you're a polock, big deal! Have you ever been viking? Huh? Have you ever gone berserking? Huh? My ancestors were all Berserkers! They all belonged to the 3rd Battalion 8th Berserkers. And that was a tribute to their patience, assembling that many berserkers in one place at the same time.

dcat said...

Oh and I bet you even told God what family you wanted to be with right Mike H.? :D

The Griper said...

he sits here laughing at the comments here as he waves at all. think this is what differentiates a lot of us, the ability to laugh even at ourselves. shows we can be sincere but not necessarily serious. where liberals can't be either.

dcat said...

What liberals the griper!?

There be, no liberals here!

We are serious here the griper. Remember the code. And it is not just guide lines I assure you!

Here there be, monsters!

There’s a change in the wind say’s I.

Just listen to the local news you will hear the twist!

Shifty little buggers aren’t they! And they think they are cleaver... NOT!

Tom C said...

;) Killroy was here.