Friday, February 02, 2007


Update: 2/3/07 cut the crap King5 News!!! Not an anti war group!? BULLSHIT! The counter group will be there to take your ass out!

This group isn’t saying things about gays they are out right screaming into a megaphone calling troops and supporters of the war red necks!!! Don’t candy coat that lie lame stream media because it isn’t about gays it is a ploy and who in the hell cares what these bible thumping idiots think! THEY HAVE NO RIGHT TO DISRUPT A SOLDIERS MEMORIAL!!! YOU (_O_)’s!!!

This group are a bunch of sick puppies along with the Al-Qaeda I am lumping people like this into one sack of shit!

It's our law!

We here in Washington State will be honoring a fallen soldier! You as of today are not welcome to protest! A bill was signed! So THERE!

Message to the dips:

"You are nothing but yellow bellied (_0_) ‘ s!"

You are not welcome here and you will be dealt with! You all need to take your stupid protest to Iraq! I dare you! I dare you to go “outside the green zone” and protest! There you would be no better then the enemy and be taken out as fair game! That is what you all deserve!!!

You all need to find yourself another place to live because you are not Americans!

A bill was signed today to keep you away! DO IT OR ELSE!

I am proud of this state for doing it!!! It’s not that la,la land as you think! There are some of us working behind the scene and little la, la’s are under thumb as much as can be! So don’t be fooled by the cover! (_0_)’s!

We will honor our fallen heroes and you are not welcome! You spineless little nothings! This will be forwarded to all on my email! (Lucky them because, of you! And I hope they get upset not at me but you!)

You who try and degrade the military will be dealt with! The next time something horrible happens, to you, let it happen ten times foe! I want you to think of me! After that incident more will follow I will, will it to you! How dare you even think you can disturb the fallen heroes of this great country!?

Your rights have been taken from you here! The rights you seek are sick! Since you are against fighting for freedom we will strip you of your freedom to appose!

The rest of us will go on giving honor to these heroes! The military will be upheld with even more strength with them and the people supporting them! You, on the other hand ‘all the prayers in the world, will fail to help you! God have mercy on your souls! I sure as hell don’t!!!


andrea/pj's said...

i could be wrong here dcat...
but i do believe the "patriot
guard" helped with this bill...
big smiley!!!
and thanks to all the vets too!!!

dcat said...

Yes I know Andy and I did some emailing too!

Looked like the governor, was shook up about it. Hard to believe when she is a liberal! She was down right pissed off and it was good to see her that way about this important bill!

Here is what Soldiers Dad said to me in an email that I passed around. It makes sense!

Actually, it is a scam. The idea is to so enrage someone that they take a swing at them. Then the “good ministers” lawyer wife files a civil suit for damages.

Rather than drag a grieving family thru a civil suit, someone ends up paying them off. They know the families of soldiers are getting a $250K SSGLI death benefit, so there is money in the pot to be extorted.

It is a sick extortion racket, nothing more.