Sunday, February 18, 2007

Oh Hillary Will You Stop Already!

Update: 2/20/07 Oh and this tells me more about you Hillary! Will not make a fine president! Your a real chameleon! What else is going to come out of that mouth! I will have to reference this post during election time!

How can it be a discussion when most of us see it as one sided!!! Your side! It’s all about you isn’t it Hillary! Same for all the cut and run cronies!

Even at hot air they can see your true colors! So Hillary, give it a rest already! It’s not like your democratic husband cared about the military. Remember instead of making it better he cut the funding and cut the military back! “President” George W. Bush had to take two years to get our military back on running ground again. Suppose we were threatened by more terrorists? We would be a nation not ready. Now is that safe? So please Hillary cut the crap!

The conversation with you would be like talking to a wall!

To our military families and to our hero's!

Hat tip to Mike's America! Go there and enjoy!

Hat tip for the chuckle goes to bg: uh-oh, Muslims are going to protest...

Update: Happy Presidents Day! GWB celebrating Presidents Day!

and this little FYI: Kurdistan Strives For Autonomy


Indigo Red said...

So Hillary's plan is to cap the number of troops in Iraq. You know, in most 'hoods, being capped is to be shot dead. So when Hillary says she's going to cap the troops, does she mean she wants them shot dead?

YES! That's exactly whay she means. The more troops killed in Iraq, the better it is for the Democrat party. It's the Pelolsi-Murtha Slow Bleed Plan. The slower the defeat and the higher the American body count the more disasterous the war looks to be.

So, Mr. President, don't try anything quick and decisive as that will only put the fear of America in the enemy and they will run away from any troop build-up. This can only lead to victory. So, please, Mr. President, don't do that. Democrats NEED DEAD AMERICANS.

dcat said...

That is how I am reading it!

dcat said...

I guess I should have added: "Your killing us" at the end of this titled post!

The Griper said...

the only thing i need to know about Mrs, Clinton is the fact she tried to socialize medicine. This singular fact loses my vote. like i said on my blog, i have nothing but contempt for socialism.

dcat said...

I sure saw that one coming too!