Saturday, February 17, 2007

The Global Warming Feeding Frenzy

Hat tip to Kurt M.

I've been having discussions with various friends regarding the global warming feeding frenzy. Here is an alternative view that might be interesting reading.

I’d like a little global warming please. The global warming feeding frenzy.

There is more to the global warming theory that meets the eye and certainly much more than is gleaned by the drive by media and the junk-science global warming feeding frenzy community. There is a large sector of the scientific community that doesn't believe in the environmental global warming theory other than as a natural pendulum effect of the earth maintaining it's balance (literally) without the evil 'parasitic' influence of man.

The global warming scientists really have virtually no, none, zero scientific evidence for the man made global warming model/theory. They don't know what the average temperature of the earth was 200 or 500 or 1000 years ago. They have a theory and a theory is all that it really is.

There is a fairly large faction of scientific research that is very well documented that believes that there was an approximately 45 degree crustal displacement shift due to excessive ice buildup at the poles during the last ice age. The earth has a primary rotational axis, but also has a slight wobble which creates a 24000 year precession cycle. If the earth becomes too massive at the poles the wobble will eventually cause the exterior crust to slide over the viscous mantle and displace itself so that the more massive (polar ice) area is centered closer to the equator due to centrifugal force. There is still considerable friction between the mantle and crust so the crustal displacement doesn't shift the heavy ice caps completely to the equator. The initial displacement is enough to displace the earth's crust but the mantle is not viscous or slippery enough to allow the crust to completely slip to the rotational outer point of the earth. Lots of inertia, but lots of friction also.

This is a theory believed by many reputable scientists and would explain the rapid meltdown of ice (now near the equator) and the flash frozen mammoths in Siberia that were displaced from a temperate zone and relocated to the polar regions. This would most likely occur in the dead of winter when the ice accumulation at the North Pole was the greatest. Yes the mammoths kept eating, because that's what mammoths did, but they got cold fast and froze with the food still in their stomachs. If you or I were suddenly placed at the North Pole in our temperate weather clothing we would probably freeze to death with the food still in our stomachs. This also explains the rapid sea level rise of approximate 123' around 10000-12000 years before present, during the last ice age meltdown, a scientifically undisputed fact.

So, I'm all in favor of a little global warming as I would prefer that my house remain at 39 degrees north latitude as opposed to being displaced to say 88 degrees north. This theoretical puzzle seems to fit together much more precisely, with far fewer missing pieces than the bizarre global warming mantra. There are numerous books by various authors showing underwater cities and temples and other well researched studies all ignored by the main stream junk-science media and mainstream anthropologists and other bandwagon scientific types. If it doesn't fit their theory they simply ignore the evidence as an anomaly that's unexplainable (to them). Scientists are really good at this and spend a huge amount of energy defending their own theoretical turf. Remember than scientists (as opposed to engineers) generally do not produce a marketable product so they must derive their income from scientific research grants. Studying ‘things’ is fun but it doesn’t pay the bills.

The problem is that there is far more evidence against the global warming theory that for it. The drive by media has latched onto this bizarre unsubstantiated global warming theory which tends to cause a large portion of the traditional scientific community (all of which are trying to get funding for their own pet projects) to jump on to the global warming band wagon. Give us $50,000,000 so we can study global warming, results guaranteed!! Besides I need a new 'green' earth friendly Ferrari. This will help expedite the study and will also increase the accuracy of the results.

By the way, ‘Scientists’ are not all virtuous and solely interested in the righteous platitudes depicted by the media. Science has brought us many wonderful technologies but also nuclear, biological and chemical weapons which are some of the most horrifying creations of mankind. I think most ‘scientists’ are just normal people that want to drive a nice car and live in a big house like everyone else, which is human nature. Have you ever noticed how the ‘green,’ continuousness of the world, left wing, Al Gore weenies want to spend your money to ‘fix’ the perceived problems of their small alarmist minds?

Wouldn't this make a great sci-fi catastrophe disaster film? It would be better than some of the one's I've seen that were based on total junk science. Remember 'Water World?' Kevin Costner still can't figure out what happened to his burgeoning Hollywood career.

I recently saw an Internet ‘news’ headline with a caption that said ‘Is this our fault?’ It was a picture of two polar bears standing on a small melting iceberg as if they were stranded. Polar bears hangout on pack ice all winter until the polar ice cap partially melts at which time they move to shore and loll around until winter when the pack ice returns and they head out again to hunt seals. The polar bears pictured were not stranded. Polar bears love to jump into the arctic waters and can swim 50 miles of open water. It’s their gig, they like it. The media’s attempt to portray this image as stranded helpless polar bears is ridiculous. I would like to see the author of that idiotic article walk up to shore where the polar bears are ‘stranded’ on the iceberg and ask them if they need help getting back to shore.

So the next time you hear the cry to eliminate fossil fuel usage and join natural tribal communities living in perfect earth harmony inside glass domed micro-environments all in the interest of stopping global warming just remember that once the earth was flat, man could never fly and the government is here to help you.

"Theory Kurt!? Heh! Yeah I agree with you!

As for “scientific evidence” goes I call it an uneducated guess! A hypothesis with no data to back it up!" Nice job Kurt! ^..^


Tom said...

Damn!! Someone posted the exact argument that I was going to post on...grrrrrr.

On the other hand, I'm enjoying watching the global warming fallout outside my window (that's snow for those readers in Rio Linda...)

dcat said...

Yup Tom,

Ski season "spring" skiing will be lasting a bit longer too! Just for me! Heh!

Indigo Red said...

There is so much more to the story than the Fried Earth Society wants to recognize.

The Antarctic ice mass is sitting on top of 145 (latest count) liquid water lakes. Liquid water? Yes, the ice acts as an insulator to the volcanically heated water below. The lakes are melting the underside of the glaciers causing leaks from lake to lake. This layer of water is a lubricant upon which the glaciers are moving to the sea and there, break apart. Meanwhile, in the interior of Antarctica, snow is falling at a rate faster than has been seen in decades.

And that's just one. There are so many other puzzle pieces that are being identified by real scientists.

Just one question - how much Earth destroying pollution will the Fried Earth concerts generate; that's assuming the electric guitars and gargantuan amplifiers will use only Earth friendly power?

Mike H. said...

Umm, who's Kevin Costner? One of those stealth shoppers that the stores like to hire? Really guys, help me out here, I've got no idea of who he is.

Sheesh, I feel so left out. And you don't have any smilies either. :b :p :b :p

dcat said...

Here Mike H ... ^,,^ how about rolling eyes!

dcat said...


Haven’t the scientist figured that one out yet?! We are all doomed! :D

:D Just for you Mike H!