Saturday, December 09, 2006

It's called a CHRISTMAS TREE!

I am so happy that George W. Bush acknowledged the “Christmas Tree”!

So here we are with the Christmas season and for my Jewish roots and other friends that celebrate every chance possible just to have a good time; Happy Hanukah! The Feast of Lights!

I am hearing so much about my last post on the Arlington Wreath Project by an anonymous person that I have deleted it. Only because it was making an ass out of itself! That is why he was, deleted. I was doing it a great service and sparing all of you.

Speaking of service… I also spared this fool at another post it was at the Gentle Warrior .

Let’s see this one and dissect it! He said: “What an inspirational photo. It's great that in a time of senseless destruction and war, we can see the beauty of humanity.

It's just a shame that she's going to have to grow up without her family because our government decided to stop supporting a brutal dictator that we armed and helped keep in power.

Hopefully she'll survive the war we created in her homeland and will grow to understand that peace can't be shot out of a gun.

Hopefully she'll understand that her family had to be murdered because Americans are too busy Christmas shopping to fight a war on their own land.

I hope she'll grow up strong enough to be able to forgive...”

Yeah forgive assholes like yourself that were too chicken shit to go over and put a stop to it during desert storm! The democrats put a kibosh on that didn’t they!? The little girl’s mother was probably a toddler at the time!

Isn’t hind sight wonderful! You can’t do a damn thing about it except rehash it! I say make damn sure it doesn’t happen again! But obviously some have to learn that still!

It is surprising our little commenter noticed Humanity! That is some of the reason why we are there you bozo! The other is that “we were attacked”! In the fight we noticed that there was a humanity problem! The way that people were being treated there under a dictator!

You wanna talk “humanity”? I will do it for you! I will tell you that the UN doesn’t give a rat’s ass to humanitarian issues! Otherwise they would have gone in and stopped some of the militaries else where engaging in raping, as well as the killings of innocent people!

Don’t give me your innocent “I’m a humanitarian bull crap” because I can see right through you as well as what is going on! This little girl would have to darn a burka and be wed by age nine so she could be raped into a society of sick dictatorship! Don’t you bring up culture you so and so! Culture is culture till it robs people of their freedom! Then it becomes imprisonment of the opposite sex as well as oppression of people living under such laws! This will come to an end! I assure you! More and more people are seeing the reality of this war! Except for selfish people like yourself!

If we back out of this war there will be a blood bath on our land here in the USA! They will regroup “if they haven’t already” to gain more power. Welcome to world war three! It will most likely be an even bigger battle for the future generations and for their freedom!

Christmas Shoppers make sure to shop your heart out! Bring more gifts to your local Starbucks stores. So that others can enjoy this Blessed Season pagan as well as a celebration in a remembrance of a Holy Birth of our Lord Jesus:

Break the bread of life and give to others.
Drink from the cup and share with others.
“Do this, in remembrance of me and you shall live forever.”

I doubt that the jihads will be giving anything but grief to the world for that is all they know!

Yes we have a “Christmas Tree” in our home too!


Mike's America said...

Looks like you are all ready for the holiday. I'm still putting the stuff on the tree. I got the lights on it a week ago and it looked so good I've been slow to finish it.

Anyway, Some of those moonbats, like the one you cite above, are just so filled with hate that I delete them on site.

dcat said...

Hi Mike,

I can't wait to see your Crissy Decks when you get them up. Take a picture and post it.

As for moonbats; I felt like dissecting it to show others what moonbats are like. It’s just a clue for folks to see what happens to them when they try and vex me!

andrea/pj's said...

nice tree Dcat!!!!!

dcat said...

Thanks Andy! :)

Mike H. said...

With all due respect dcat, who among us needs to know that they're lower than whale droppings? They're too stupid to comprehend the fact that they might not want to be lower than the lowest thing on earth, and I would much rather come here without the rather excessive scent. I would just bury them with maybe a bottle of deoderant to bide them until ma nature took over. Ok, maybe it'll take a case or two.

dcat said...

You would be surprised Mike H!

There are plenty of Lysols out there asking all kind of questions.
Dumb ones too!

I like to tease and give them a little fame to see what other dumb ass stuff they will come up with!

Skye said...

Nice tree, Dcat! Like the new blog coloring also :)

You should also point out to your audience that your garden variety moonbats also vote democrat. It is always good to reinforce the negative that comes with supporting the DNC.