Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Way to go Omar!

Give Sadr the Treatment

How to beat Iraq's Shiite extremists.
Tuesday, December 26, 2006 12:01 a.m. EST

BAGHDAD--Understanding the question is half of the answer: That's what we used to say back in school. Then when we became dentists and doctors, we changed that to "diagnosis is half the treatment," and it looks that's where we're standing right now... Opinion Journal


CA said...

Very interesting opinion. But, (there it is; a but) notice who our closest friends and allies are right now; (besides the WWII allies) the people we completely defeated; ie, Japan, Italy and Germany. My opinion is, we will never be friends with or profit from Iraq, Afghanistan or Iran unless we completely defeat them. That means, move all the way in and take over completely. Those people are Muslims and can never like the US. A year after we leave Iraq, it will be EXACTLy AS IT WAS BEFORE WE WENT IN! It is a nation of Saddam Husseins. You know, like Saudi Arabia.

PS I noticed you don't have a bunch of books or movies as preferences but do like bio's. You might enjoy the movie, "Lonesome Dove." It's exactly like a South Texas town was when my Grandparents grew up there.

dcat said...

Together we succeeded in reducing the threat posed by al Qaeda when it was identified as the biggest threat to Iraq's stability and security. "Not only for Iraq"

"Now together we can do the same with Sadr and other thugs."

We understand the question, and we have a diagnosis that seems sound; it's time to proceed with the treatment.

9-11 and al Qaeda "thugs" humanity...

you were right about that butt thing problem that you have ca.

We won’t be able to profit either when attacked or threatened! Did ya think of tourism or don’t you go anyplace other then Texas?

Maybe Europe “ok France” is starting to see the light. Hmmmm? Worried about the tunnel now are they?!

Sir by all respects we need to take out the thugs K!? So that all can have a life (make a $) without threat!

Call it an investment for the future!

Mike's America said...

I agree with ca... you must totally defeat your enemy. Remove all ability they have to cause trouble.

We should have shot Sadr way back when we had the chance. It was said if we did the Iraqi governing council would resign... SO WHAT!

Now, the job will be much harder, but MUST BE DONE.

This is a cancer that will kill the patient if it is not removed soon.

dcat said...

Ok this is 2011 I say kill them all I don't care about any muzzie now! THEY CAN ALL FUCK THEMSELVES!