Thursday, December 28, 2006

Pick Me! Pick Me!

I’ll do it!

Even though, I prefer the classic “the burning!” Oh well Saddam's soul will be doing just that after the lever is pulled!

Hundreds of Iraqis Apply to Be Saddam Hussein's Hangman

Dance Saddam! Dance!

God will not allow such a criminal in his kingdom Saddam! You didn’t say you were sorry! You will pay!

You are a joke SADDAM and you can take that soul strait to hell!
I saw how people kicked your statue when it was toppled and only your fleas will morn you! Your cronies being the fleas for they will be next! Bring it on!

I predict a kicked corps!

Hopefully in a few hours!

Lame stream CBS with story and video.

So good bye to Satan’s martyr!

Now everyone go and have a jihad free NEW YEAR!

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