Friday, October 13, 2006

Gentle Warrior

This photo is of an air force doctor who is holding an Iraqi girl whose entire family was executed by insurgents. They shot her in the head, but she survived. She cries a lot in the hospital, and the nurses say that she is calmed when former Med Group Chief John Gebhardt lets her sleep over his heart. For the past four nights this is how he slept so she can rest.

Of course you'll never see this photo in Newsweek or Time.

I know that these emails have been going around for some time now. I just feel like putting them up now!

Go ahead and protest the war and I will keep on posting stuff like this!!! ^..^


bg said...


poor little sweetheart, God
bless Her & God Bless Him!!

thank you for sharing.. :)

God bless soldiers everywhere.. for putting THEIR
lives on the line to protect US ALL from terrorism!

D.C. said...


This story is heatbreaking.
John Gebhardt understands the need of that child. What a tragedy. I can't imagine what he is feeling.
She is too little to know what is going on of course but those who are taking care of her are well aware.
Thanks for putting up this picture and the story behind.