Sunday, June 05, 2005

Islam A True Religion

I heard that before about religion. Catholics for one branching out into several different branches, we had one of those branches knocking at our door just yesterday! As I looked out there were two of them. One was a weasel looking man with a bible open to a page that he was to recite to me. The other was a nice looking woman that had a fantastic figure but yet hid it with ugly clothing! She was sort of your old fashion librarian type.

Our home has a landing and glass above the door. I didn’t have to go down the stairs because I can peer at people from the top of the living room. So I yelled out saying that we weren’t interested WICCAN here. (Raised Catholic with Jewish in the family.) Mr. dcat is a protestant and tolerates me as I tolerate him and others. What I won’t tolerate are people that are killing for the sake of Allah told them to! There they go hearing voices again! Quick someone get some meds to these people fast! They are either schizophrenic or manic depressive! "Bi polar disorder to the max!"

I mean can’t Islamist just say no thank you and get on with a normal existence with everyone else? Apparently not and they are mostly going to kill for it. Talk about your pecking order wana be’s! I think they will be wiped out soon enough!

Lighten up everyone! Allah made me funny

Comedy tonight and Don't make me laugh!

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