Saturday, April 02, 2005

The End in 2007

Wishful thinking wouldn't you say?

That is an interesting link. However I already live on the ring of fire. We are surrounded by volcanoes here in the Pacific North West and the bible already predicted an end to all mankind. When, is the big question and no one knows not even a scholar! They are sometimes so smart that they themselves are full of shit! I believe when the disaster happens to the US it also will create chaos all over the world. It will be devastating everywhere. This article is to create chaos now and put fear into people. If it happens it happens and I am not going to question the forces of nature.

Also the link had in it “the US is a bunch of bullies”? Ok maybe we should then stop helping others. We aren’t going to do this so naturally this is pissing off Terrorists. Who works for this Middle East Journal is the question we should be asking? Check out his history quick!

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