Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Peace Activist MY ASS!!!

The media can cut and paste this!


It is so clear that Israel stepped into a trap! The media lost! The ship had cameras showing what happend! Martyred jihad Palestinians are definitely at fault! Videos are out! Glad that we have the proof and the media has zilch!
It’s all over the web!


tha malcontent said...

Amen to this post dcat... You nailed it.
Anyway, isn't it time we withdrew support of all kinds from the UN and invited them to move to Paris? I hear that Paris is really nice in the Springtime.
The Muslims would love the snails and slugs.

dcat said...

Oh so that is why they moved here to Seattle Washington!

We have lots of slugs they are the liberals!

Have you seen our sin tax? Yuppers oh and I am going to hell! NO I’m going to pay more taxes for their spending on the illegal slug liberals soon to be the slugs moving here!!! :p

It sucks!

dcat said...

looking for that lost shaker of salt!