Thursday, June 10, 2010

muslim Brotherhood of thugs!

We are on to you! Read it "here"


Mike H. said...

It's time that someone started getting pissed off. They need to know that they are being watched and countered.

Mike's America said...

Boy, those muzzies will lie right to your face and get mad if you don't believe it.

dcat said...

Hey Mike,

What do you think about Allen Greene?

South Carolina senator race.

LOL it sounds more humorous then sinister!

Mister Ghost said...

Bonjour Donna,
Guess who visited Pakistan (or Pockistan as he calls it) in 1981 under mysterious circumstances?

If you guessed Barack Obama, you are absolutely right.

Via the great Diana West:

And what was President Obama doing in Pakistan in 1981 anyway, a trip he let slip (it doesn't appear in his memoir) during the campaign? As Andy McCarthy recounts in The Grand Jihad,Obama traveled there with a wealthy Pakistani friend, Wahid Hamid, and stayed about three weeks. Part of the time he stayed at the Karachi family home of another wealthy Pakistani friend, Hassan Chandoo, who would become a "major Obama fundraiser." Andy writes that he also stayed at the Jacobabad home of Ahamd Mian Soomro, a member of "one of Pakistan's more prominent political families." (His son, Mohammad Mian Soomro, was chairman of the Pakistan Senate, was caretaker prime minister in 2007, was interim president after Musharraf was forced out in 2008.) Obama's visit took place "at the height of Pakistan's Islamicization under the martial law imposed by General Zia ul-Haq, a time when it was tough (not impossible) for US citizens to get visas. Next door in A-stan, war was raging between the USSR and the muhajideen/Taliban; on the other side, the Iranian revolution was in full swing.

Andy writes: "Of all places, why would Obama travel to Pakistan at that time? And how did he enter the country? Did he use an American passport to enter a police state in which it was dangerous for Americans? If not, did he have travel documents from another country -- which would raise questions also posed by his Indonesian years: Was Obama a citizen of an Islamic country? Those questions weren't pursued.

Mister Ghost said...

You know what I saw today? A cute chipmunk in the yard. LOL. Although we don't have bobcats around here like you, there have been Bigfoot sightings in the general vicinity, LOL, but generally there's foxes, skunks, a short-tailed hawk that feeds on the birds in the yard, opossums, groundhogs, wild turkeys, deer, turkey vultures, coyotes, bald eagles in the local area...
It's quite interesting and amazing how the local wildlife has adapted itself to the suburban-rural environment. Nature is quite resilient and like geo-politics, readily fills a vacuum.

dcat said...

Well duh! His parents hated the USA! Mom renounced her citizenship. She was a fucking radical... HELLO!

dcat said...

The wildlife does do well if the meatheads would stop calling animal control on a bear in the yard when they live around wild habitats! It's usually a liberal that does that too!!!

Stupid people!