Sunday, June 20, 2010

Al-Qaeda Spokesman to Obama: “You’re No Longer the Popular Man You Once Were”


That is calling the kettle black! Thanks for the chuckle GP

islamic thugs have lost their minds! They think that the little

pion was on their side? He is on his own side and a puppet of

the socialist marxist!

Hey al-q, ya think you want to talk to the bloggers next because we will chew you up and spit you out!!!

YOU CANDY ASS ADAM! Aren't you dead YET!? We can do something about that!


Mister Ghost said...

Hello Donna,
Happy Father's Day.
Interesting post by Omar.
There are several Iraqi Muslim bloggers who are atheists.

Deabornistan has the highest concentration of Muslims in the US,
comprising about 30 percent of the population of the city.

AKA Hebz'allah Crime Capital of North America. Whenever someone's arrested for laundering/illegally transferring funds, etc. etc. to Hezb'allah, they always seem to originate from Dearborn.

Dearbornistan Muslim Arab Students’ Sweatshirts Glorify 9/11

RIP Manute Bol.

dcat said...

Hmmmmm? Muslim and atheists...right!

Sounds like deceit Taqkia or whatever you spell it!

MG, I DON’T CARE! I don’t trust cults!

My gut feeling is usually right!

Tom's Place said...

Obozo just lost some of his supporters.

dcat said...

Oh yeah his pants will be falling to the ground and his ass will be hanging out sooner then we think!

Tom's Place said...

"Pants on the ground!
Pants on the ground!
Lookin' like a Fool with your
Pants on the ground!"

Obozo doesn't need his a$$ hanging out to look like a fool, especially since he is one.

dcat said...

Most of us knew it from the beginning! How unfortunate for the STUPID'S that voted for him!

commoncents said...

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Keep up the excellent work!!

Common Cents